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About Us


@thesparkleffect was founded by Kelly and Arianne when they noticed how many people were using plastic glitter at events in Lisbon. They found out that no local brand of biodegradable glitter existed in Portugal and made the decision to start their own brand, while giving this innovative product a twist.

They partnered with Bioglitter™, the worlds leading eco-friendly glitter brand and creators of the first plastic free certified biodegradable glitter.

The idea of combining the glitter with a cool accessory was to make these biodegradable sparkles a conscious fashion statement, increasing discussion and awareness about how bad plastic glitter is for our planet. More than just creating a brand, they wanted to turn this idea into a movement. #thesparkleffect movement has the mission of spreading the eco-sparkle happiness, while raising environmental consciousness. 

After the Sparkle Necklace started having a big success in Lisbon, they decided to add some more sparkling eco products to their brand. 

Are you ready to sparkle the future?